Wood Fired Cuisine


Nicholas is the oldest child of the Guantone family, brother, husband  and father of three young children. Nicholas is a trained chef, with a degree from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. His passion for cooking, and feeding friends and family, lead him to partner with his parents  to co-create GUANTONiO’S  Wood Fired Cuisine.  He is head chef and main menu planner of GUANTONiO’S.  Nicholas has an incredible pallet and creates most of the amazing one- of- a kind pizzas and  unique dishes that are offered on our menus.  Due to his rare expertise and many talents, he along with Nick & Shelly, had the pleasure of assisting the owner of Mugnaini wood fired ovens in Healdsburg ,CA.  He was “Head Chef” for the owner, Andrea Mugnaini, in her Healdsburg , CA cooking school and home.  In charge of mastering the menu, Nicholas chose wild game varieties and specified meats, devising palatable combinations and side dishes to complement each protein selection. He created then presented the entire menu from start to finish, teaching throughout the presentation.  In addition he was in charge of answering questions and executing the dishes in a hands-on two-day kitchen/ classroom setting.  He was the main teacher for all students who paid to attend this Mugnaini Cooking School  and  ‘Wild Game Feed “ class in January , 2011; a great experience for our whole team! GUANTONiO’s is proud to have Nicholas as our head chef, having full confidence in his creative menu ideas. His knowledge of seasonal foods, precise detail and personal style are all key to GUANTONiO’s continued success. 


Nick is the youngest of a four son family , a husband  father and Papa Nick to three grandchildren..  He is in the construction field by trade, but he too has a passion for cooking. His desire to perfect his unique receipe for homemade “rustic country” bread and napoletana pizza, led him to want to share this gift with others.  Nick is behind the most incredible part of the business, our pizza dough, which is hand made and timed out perfectly for each individual event that GUANTONiO’S caters.   Nick plays a key role in the businesses with his expertise in this area, training and becoming certified in preparing authentic Napoletana Pizza.  There is nothing like it, from the taste and texture – it is hard to compare other pizza dough to this. A GUANTONiO’S motto:  “A Mano Con Amore” - “By Hand with Love.”

Our Story


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Shelly is the youngest of nine children , a wife, noni and mother of three.  Cooking has been her passion for many years.  Anyone that knows her, appreciates her love of cooking for others and  her pride in creating her own unique recipes. Not only does she enjoy cooking with and for her family and friends, she is always willing and happy to teach others the art of cooking delectable nutritious meals as well. She has cooked for family & friends her entire life, always offering an open door and insisting on full bellies before leaving her kitchen. Shelly feels as though cooking is part of her daily method of operation, expressing that it is “rewarding, gratifying and relaxing too”!  Cooking is such a passion of hers, Shelly often shares her recipes in the Lodi News Sentinel; a local newspaper.  Her love for cooking led herself, husband, and son into starting their own catering business – GUANTONiO’S. Shelly is the main organizer and event planner for GUANTONiO’s, organizing all of the event details from start to finish.  She takes pride in purchasing produce at local farms and ranches as well as buying meat at a local butcher shoppe. Shelly is the cheerful voice you hear when contacting GUANTONiO’S, and the smiling face you see when stepping up to the GUANTONiO’s counter!

As a family-run business, we take pride in putting our GUANTONiO’s name on everything we do, going above and beyond to make each individual event a memorable one. We are proud to say that we prepare our food with top quality ingredients: garden-fresh produce, specialty Italian flour to hand-prepare our freshly baked bread and pizza dough, hand stretched mozzarella and sauces made completely from scratch to create a memorable meal for you & your special guests.

Amano Con Amore!
   “By Hand with Love”